Hi, I’m Brian and I am a student at The Ohio State University, where I study Psychology.  I am a Christian. I am a Switchfoot addict and Jon Foreman makes me really happy. Other man crushes include, but are not limited to Martin Luther, Charles Barkley, Gus Johnson and Draymond Green.  I LOVE college sports. March Madness is the best thing ever invented. True story, multiple times I have had nightmares I missed it. I also like running, working out, eating Skyline Chili, hole in the wall barbecue restaurants, McDonald’s ice cream cones, U2, Christian hip hop, The Cincinnati Reds, napping, Seinfeld, suspenseful TV series with engaging plots, swings sets, and boxing movies. I am an avid consumer of Coke Zero. Some things I don’t like are amusement parks, particularly water parks, zoos,  dirt, manual labor,  hot sunny days, wedding hashtags, sweating when I’m not working out, and large social events involving more than – excluding live sporting events – including but not limited to banquets, awards ceremonies, galas and any events involving speeches or keynote speakers.  I am interested in theology, ethics, psychology, social issues, vocation, sports and culture. I will be writing about these as well as other current events and what I am reading.  I desire to see a more compassionate and gentle Calvinism that embraces the Gospel in all of life. I will try anything not sinful once. Go Bucks and Go Reds.

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