Stuff I’m Reading – August 2016

American Realities: Portraits of Life Below the Poverty Line

by Tenelle Ottley-Matthew and  Jack Richardson at Huck Magazine

“Poverty is so many things, the lack of money or culture or love, and the combination of all of these makes is desperately difficult to get back to a normal life. This was my feeling talking to people in general – that the system in so many ways needs a change, the whole set of goals that we aim for.”

The Pay Gap Myth and Other Lies That Won’t Die

by Thomas Sowell at National Review

“Women as a group do get paid less than men as a group. But not for doing the same work. Women average fewer annual hours of work than men. They work continuously for fewer years than men, since only women get pregnant, and most women are not prepared to instantly dump the baby on somebody else to raise.”

How Wal-MArt Serves the Poorest Americans

by Tom Rogan at OL

“Wal-Mart saves tens of millions of American families hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars every year. This is not a debatable point. Ask any Wal-Mart customer why they choose its stores and you’ll hear variations on the same answer: “affordability.” Reliable affordability forms the core of Wal-Mart’s business model. The company does not pretend to offer the highest quality produce and goods, but it defines its brand by offering low costs. And in this Wal-Mart succeeds. Compare its prices with other competitors.”

To Get to Harvard, Go to Haiti?

by Frank Bruni at The New York Times

“Hernandez reached out to me because he was familiar with writing I had done about the college admissions process. What he described is something that has long bothered me and other critics of that process: the persistent vogue among secondary-school students for so-called service that’s sometimes about little more than a faraway adventure and a few lines or paragraphs on their applications to selective colleges.”

Michael Phelps Made Me Cry (Good Tears)

by Frank Bruni at The New York Times





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