Articles About Trump

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a post about Donald Trump and mainly about his supporters and how we often misunderstand them and also feel into their support for him. Here are some articles I have found helpful in understanding the Trump phenomenon.

This is Trump Country

by Thomas Kaplan at The New York Times

Donald J. Trump claimed victories on Super Tuesday in seven states, from Vermont to Arkansas, and his strongest support came from places like Fall River, Mass., and Buchanan County, Va. They have little in common but economic hardship, a sense of longing for the better times they once had and an unshakable belief that a President Trump might be the answer to their troubles. Here is a closer look at a few of the places where Mr. Trump won big.”

Trumped Up? Is Donald’s Support Really Driven by Racist Xenophobia?

by Alistair Roberts at Mere Orthodoxy

“The American white working class—to which a disproportionate number of evangelicals belong—are well aware that they are hated and pathologized by upper middle class coastal liberals, who dominate key institutions in American life. They are branded with the stigma of racism, xenophobia, backwardness, and unprogressive attitudes. Liberals and progressives try to force enlightened thought upon them in a patronizing, officious, or censorious manner, and often despise, ridicule, and want to freeze their voices out of public life. For such people Trump represents resistance to their pathologization and marginalization. Trump is prepared to stand with them in being despised, hated, and pathologized by the establishment, speaking on their behalf. As people rush to write think-pieces demonizing Trump and his supporters and to demonstrate their fittingly enlightened sensibilities against the caricatured foil of the vicious racism, misogyny, and xenophobia of the white working class, it only makes the scapegoat status of the American white working class more apparent. No matter how enlightened our policies, people will react against us if they can tell that we despise them and their culture. They will generally love politicians that choose standing with them and bearing the slights cast at them over cosying up to the establishment.”

A Message from Trump’s America

by Michael Cooper Jr. at US News & World Report

“So if there are winners and losers in America, I know the losers. They lost jobs to China and Vietnam. And they’re dying younger, caught in an endless cycle of jail, drug charges and applying for disability to pay the child support bill.

They lost their influence, their dignity and their shot at the American Dream, and now they’re angry. They’re angry at Washington and Wall Street, at big corporations and big government. And they’re voting now for Donald Trump.”

How Democrats Abandoned the Working Class and Spurred the Rise of Donald Trump

by Kyle Smith at New York Post

“This isn’t racism: angry Americans told they were losing their jobs at a doomed air-conditioner factory in Indiana wouldn’t have applauded if told production was moving to Canada instead of Mexico. Either way, they’re losing their jobs.”

The Voters Only Trump Can Reach

by Andrew McGill at The Atlantic

“These folks are white, and they probably haven’t gone to college. But more importantly, they’ve centered their lives around communities that have been unhooked from the prosperity of the country at large for decades.”


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