Stuff I’m Reading – January 2016

I have not had the chance to blog in a while.  I have been somewhat busy with school and work and church and Cru and working out that I have not had the chance to write much. I do however want to continue to write and maintain a blog, so I am starting a new monthly series called “Stuff I’m Reading” that will be a Challies style blog linking to my favorite posts of the month that I have read. I will also try to provide short commentary on some of them, maybe. I may also include brief comments about books that I get the chance to read. Honestly the reason I am doing this the most is to keep track of the stuff I am reading for myself. I do have three half written blog posts and one idea that I would like to complete before the semester is over, so hopefully I will have those finished as well. They are “Why You are not a Worthless Sinner (and why telling someone they are is bad theology)”, “Stuff is Good: Why Matter Matters and is not the Matter”, “People vs. Projects: Listening Well, Evangelism and the Image of God”, and “Desiring Man: Meditations on Chris’s Hedonism (A gentle rebuke of John Piper’s Christian Hedonism.”

Mere Fidelity – HIllsong

at Mere Orthodoxy

Mere Fidelity is a podcast that I do not normally listen to, but this analysis of the GQ article about Hillsong Church in New York city sounded interesting. I find their analysis of the church very balanced. They are very generous with the things that the church is doing well, while still pointing out the issues with a Hillsong-type church.

Trumped Up? Is the Donald’s Support Really Driven by Racist Xenophobia?

by Alastair Roberts at Mere Orthodoxy

I found this article about the Trump phenomenon very interesting and helpfyl, especially the part about working class whites feeling hated.

The Undead Religious Right: Why I Cannot Support Ted Cruz

by Matthew Lee Anderson at Mere Orthodoxy

I do not like Ted Cruz, so naturally I like an article by another conservative who does not like him either. It is also a good article on the religious right.


by Mike Wittmer at Don’t Stop Believing

I like Mike Wittmer. He wrote a good book. Go read it. He also has a good blog post about why pastors should not endorse candidates. I agree.

Don’t be fooled: Iowa evangelicals of media fame do not represent the nation’s evangelicals

by Collin Hansen at The Washington Post

Sorry, the Bible doesn’t promise to make America great again

by Russell Moore at The Washington Post

Ted Cruz: Evangelical darling or ‘pagan brutalist’? Why he exposes a Christian divide.

by Thomas S. Kidd at The Washington Post

Do Something Small for God

by Mark Altrogge at The Blazing Center

How “Church Relevance” is Boring

by Jim Elliff at For the Church


Helping transgender Christians

by Anthony Bradley at WORLD

Whenever I think the world is ending, I read something by Anthony Bradley. He is my favorite.

Don’t Waste Your Awkwardness

by Sammy Rhodes at The Gospel Coalition

Sammy Rhodes has a book coming out soon about this and I cannot wait to read it.

Rand Paul’s smart answer on policing shows what his campaign should have been

by German Lopez at Vox


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