Reflections on SCOTUS Marraige Decision 

Here are some reflections and thoughts I have about the new SCOTUS decision to legalize same sex marriage nationally. I have written about homosexuality before here.

1. The Gospel hasn’t changed.

Jesus is still Lord. The gospel is still good news. We have the same mission. Love people and make disciples and glorify God in all we do. So that’s cool. The sky isn’t falling. This isn’t the end of the world. Stop freaking out. God is still in control. I find it ironic and weird that so many Christians seem to be scared of the world. Like freaking chill out. Either Jesus is Lord and this will all work out in the end or Jesus isn’t Lord and this whole thing doesn’t even matter. I love what Jonathan Merritt tweeted: “BREAKING: After #SCOTUS ruling, millions of straight married conservative Christians shocked to find their marriages are still in tact.” It made me LOL a little bit.

2. God’s design for marriage stays the same.

We must stand firm in the truth of scripture that marriage is a divinely ordained covenant between a man and a woman and that doesn’t change no matter what anyone says. If the Pope changes his mind,  if John Piper changes his mind, marriage stays the same. That being said we can drop the “so called” from when we are talking about it. That’s not helpful. We don’t have to say “so called gay marriage” every time we talk about it. Grow up.

3. Remember our privilege.

Remember that the early church was in a much worse position than we are. Remember our brothers and sisters in Iraq and North Korea. This doesn’t mean we don’t care about out present situation, but it does mean we put it into perspective. It does mean we must remain thankful.

4. Be aware of a shifting culture.  

While the sky is not falling the sky is shifting. As Christians we must be aware that we are becoming marginalized and that our views on sexuality are no longer popular. Our cultural influence is fading and it does not seem that it will stop fading anytime soon. We must be aware of this but not freak out about it.

5. America is not the New Israel and the Kingdom of God is not a political regime.

As Christians out main goal is not to build a moral majority or a political empire. We are to love people and make disciples, bringing them into a counter-cultural community that is not of this world. A community that is in our broken world shining a light on the truth, but not a community that thrives on earthly power and influence. Scott Sauls said it well: “Christianity has always thrived most as a life giving minority, not a political majority.” America has never been Israel or the New Jerusalem. America has never been in a covenant relationship with God and we are not a theocracy. And I am thankful for all of that. On a side not I Sam tired of Christians quoting the constitution as if it is scripture

6. I am excited for ministry opportunities.

I will write more on this in another post, but I really have a heart for the LGBT community. I have never dealt with same-sex attraction or gender confusion but I have a deep sense of compassion for those who have. I see this as an opportunity to forget about the freaking stupid “culture wars” and to love people and to show the LGBT community the gospel and the grace and life that Christ offers. I pray that we forget about our frustration with this decision quickly and begin loving passionately. I really think this could be the best possible outcome for the church in America. I really do. I am super excited to love my gay neighbor. I am super excited to roll up my sleeves and enter the lives of messy people.

7. We must check ourselves.

God cares about marraige but he also cares about other things.   If you got all worked up about the and don’t care about social justice issues and racism you might want to do  a little thinking.  I have my own blinds spots too but I am afraid many evangelicals care way too much about how America defines marraige and not at all about Mississippi having a symbol of racial hatred and slavery as part of their state flag.  The Confederate Flag is as offensive if not more offensive to God than the rainbow flag.

So chill out because the world isn’t coming to an end, and start loving broken people.

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