The gospel and Caitlyn Jenner

Jared Wilson once said that if we truly preach the gospel we will get the messiest of sinners showing up to church. Sinners like…….Caitlyn Jenner.

The Christian response to Caitlyn Jenner has more than sickened me. I know God made them man and woman in Genesis. Congratulations, you can read! Good for you. I can read too. That’s not that hard. What’s hard is entering into the situations of people who experience gender confusion. If we don’t seek to understand their problems and just tell them they are wrong, we are wasting out breath. If we can’t offer those experience gender confusion more love than the LGBT community, we should just pack up our bags and retire. (And the LGBT community often offers more love than the church. Just ask Rosaria Butterfield.)

If you haven’t experienced gender confusion, talk to someone who has before you just assume you know everything there is to know about it.

I bought a bow-tie from a store in Boystown, the hub of LGBT activity in Chicago, a few days ago. (For the record I didn’t go their intentionally. It just happened to be near Wrigley Field.) When I was looking at the bow-ties a trans woman (I honestly don’t know if that is the right term, but I think it is) got super excited and told me what would look good with my complexion. I was kind of freaked out. She was super flamboyant and excited. I was kind of grossed out. Grossed out in a way that I am not grossed out over other sins. And that’s not okay. It’s a mix of pride and lies that I am somehow better than her. The truth is I am not. As Bonhoeffer said, when we look down at other sinners as if we could never be like that, we are completely deluding ourselves and unable to truly show the love of Christ.

Me and Caitlyn Jenner are both sinners. Me and Caitlyn both need a savior. Even a sex change isn’t too far to escape the the cross of Christ.

“Feelin’ like you gone too far or are you too far gone

Oh, my Lord loves your type

Feelin’ like you runnin’ out of air

He wants you right there

God only helps stop, but can’t help themselves”

– KB


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