Why I would protest the Supreme Court or Congress over abortion: a follow up to my critique of the pro-life movement.  

In my most recent blog post I was highly critical of the pro-life movement as a whole. After reading it, I realize it may give an incomplete picture of my views on abortion. I stand by what I said in that post, but there were some thoughts that could have been misconstrued when viewed by themselves. I would never want to imply that abortion is not a huge issue in our country and the world or somehow waver over whether I believe abortion should be legal or not. I think it should be illegal in every instance. (Hypothetically I would maybe support it if the baby was going to die no matter what and the mom would die unless there was an abortion, and that the doctor’s had conclusive proof this was the case, but I don’t think this is all that plausible so I will move on.)

I don’t think I mentioned it specifically, but I would not feel conferrable protesting an abortion clinic because I feel this is both not affective and that many women (though certainly not all) who get abortions are victims as well. I have sympathy for those who are facing a difficult decision that loud and angry protestors don’t really provide a way out of. At the same time I would be more than willing to protest Congress or the Supreme Court. I have no problem with protesting politicians who refuse to sign bills or pro-choice justices. I think the March for Life every year is a very thing. I would gladly participate in that (from what I know of it.) While I have sympathy for women who have abortions, I have little to no sympathy for pro-choice politicians. Arguing over bills with babies lives at stake is protest-worthy.

I mentioned that I was uncomfortable with the Hitler/Holocaust comparison. At the same time I have no problem calling Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood racist and supporters of eugenics. Mothers who have abortions are murderers but also victims to a racist ideology built upon eugenics. While not quite blood-thirsty like Hitler, Margaret Sanger had largely the same beliefs about creating a master-race of sorts. While not quite as extreme the logic still applied. Hitler used gas-chambers, Sanger used the womb. Sanger wanted to controll the reproduction of immigrants. various religious groups, the poor, and other groups she labeled “unacceptable”. She attempted to use black ministers to convince their congregants to support her plan in what was known as the “Negro Project.” Here is a nice quote from her: “Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated.” And this: “we do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” That’s the woman many celebrate as an advocate for female reproductive rights. These are the same ideas that lead to forced stabilization of many African American women.

Sanger’s idea has been remarkably successful. Almost 80% of abortion clinics are in minority- majority communities. Though African Americans make up little over 10% of America’s population, over 1 out of every 3 abortions involves an African American baby. So while I do not want to deflect the issue of police brutality on to abortion and I believe this statistic actually proves white privilege, it would be racist for me not to oppose Planned Parenthood.

Now to Down-syndrome. About 90% of babies with Down syndrome are aborted. 90%. That is monstrous. Are they less than human? I cannot wrap my head around this atrocity. Who gets to decide what life is worth living and what life is not worth living? Where is the line? It is only matter of time before other medical conditions and such are able to be detected in the womb and the idea that they are less than human.

I saw a very good post the other day about homosexuality and abortion. It read “what if the baby that was aborted would be gay?” Obviously sexuality cannot be tested in the womb, but what if it could? While I would find it horrific if anyone would abort their child due to their sexuality, I feel that doing so would not be logically inconsistent with the ideas of Margaret Sanger. I have little doubt that she would have considered “unacceptable.” I have a feeling this would outrage many pro-choice advocates who also support marriage equality. These two positions, however, cannot be reconciled.

Abortion is a huge issue. While I find myself uneasy with much of the pro-life movement, I agree with them in principle. I hope to see a movement that is more compassionate towards women facing dificult, life-altering decisions, but I will not compromise on the evil of the ideology behind abortion.


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