Fifty Shades and Harry Potter

I haven’t blogged in a while, but I figured since every evangelical has a blog about “50 Shades of Grey”, I should join the fun.  I don’t think I have much to add in terms of how dangerous and disturbing the movie is.  I think that point has been made pretty strongly.  I agree with pretty much everything that has been said.  I have seen the trailer and read the Wikipedia page and it is well……sadistic.  It is disturbing, twisted and erotic.

Though I don’t have much to comment in terms of the content of the movie, I do have some thoughts on the evangelical outrage.  I believe that this time it is warranted. Christians should not see the movie or support it or read the book or support it.  It is not a “grey” area to use Kevin DeYoung’s clever pun.

At the same time I have grown tired of evangelical outrage and boycotts.  So when I don’t see the general culture listening to Christians about “50 Shades”, I quite honestly don’t blame them.  I wouldn’t either if I wasn’t a Christian.  Like seriously, some Christians have boycotted Disney.  Some think Harry Potter is satanic.  It has just gotten rediculous.  If you don’t want to watch those movies, fine.  I actually don’t really like them myself, but I am tired of of evangelicals as being painted as anti-culture.  Harry Potter and Disney are basically harmless. I have never heard of a kid going home after watching Harry Potter and thinking they were really witch.  It is fiction.  It is a story.  So if I wasn’t a evangelical Christian myself, I would be thinking “here go those winey Christians again that can’t have any fun.”

Please pick your battles.  Do it for your own sake.  If you are wondering why people won’t listen to what you are saying about “50 Shades”, and you are one of the ones who has ranted endlessly about Harry Potter and  other harmless entertainment, well that’s why.


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